Since the famous Ron Rico ads in New Yorker and the first ever episode of Bewitched, Wanda
has been interested in the ever changing world of advertising and graphic design.

Immediately after high school, Ontario-born Wanda headed for the big city to find her fortune. She started working for the Ontario government instead, however, their offices were conveniently located near the Yorkville Public Library. One day she discovered that the reference section included a somewhat colourful calendar for the Ontario College of Art.

"They laughed when she sat down at the drawing table but when she started to draw!"
They laughed even harder. (Maybe she should have completed ALL the lessons in her
Jon Gnagy Learn to Draw kit.)

Undaunted, Wanda continued to learn all she could about graphics, typography, advertising,
color, writing – the works and between her third and fourth year at OCA found herself working
at Goodis, Goldberg and Soren Advertising. During her fourth year she freelanced at Dutton advertising and from there never looked back. Some of the art departments where she has worked have included Confederation Life, Canadian Tire, Young and Rubicam, Ogilvy and Mather, Cossette Communications and DMB&B. In-between bigger gigs she has completed many projects while working directly with corporate clients.

Wanda has been working with computers since 1987 when Confederation Life traded their Compugraphic equipment for the innovative Mac Plus. Making the switch from so-called "traditional" tools to computer couldn't have been easier since Wanda has been working with
a keyboard of one kind or another since high school. Currently most of her work
is done on a MacBook Pro.

Her home base is Toronto but frequently finds herself in the wilds of the Northumberland Hills
or the sunnier climes of Palm Beach, Florida. While in Toronto Wanda would be happy to work
on your premises if needed or can do work remotely via web, ftp or email.